Rites of Passage: Selecting and Preparing Source Texts for the Certification Exam

By The ATA Chronicle | September 19, 2022

Ask an ATA certification exam grader to name the most difficult thing about the job, and chances are they’ll reply, “passage selection.” You might…

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Level of Performance Targeted by ATA’s Certification Credential

By The ATA Chronicle | July 31, 2022

In 2020, Knapp & Associates International, Inc., presented its “Review of the ATA Certification Program”1 to ATA’s Board of Directors. This review included a…

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E74: The ATA Certification Exam On Demand

By ATA | June 1, 2022

The ATA certification exam is now available online and on demand, and this episode of the ATA Podcast will tell you all about it.

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Forming A Peer Study Group to Prepare for ATA’s Certification Exam

By The ATA Chronicle | May 17, 2022

Peer-based study groups are an effective way to prepare for ATA’s certification exam. Learn how one recent group was organized and administered, including recommended best practices for future groups.

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The Certification Exam: In Demand and On Demand!

By The ATA Chronicle | May 17, 2022

ATA recently launched its second year of offering the certification exam online. In 2021, we began partnering with ExamRoom.AI, an international remote testing platform,…

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Demystifying ATA’s Certification Exam: Better Off “Literal” or “Free”?

By The ATA Chronicle | March 22, 2022

A common misconception about ATA’s certification exam is that candidates must translate literally or word-for-word to be successful. Even those who aren’t susceptible to…

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Taking and Preparing for ATA’s Online Certification Exam

By The Savvy Newcomer | February 15, 2022

New year, new goals. Each new year provides a blank slate for tackling personal and professional goals. Is studying for the ATA Certification Exam…

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Practical Tips for Taking ATA’S Certification Exam Online

By The ATA Chronicle | November 21, 2021

You can now take ATA’s certification exam online anywhere, but how does it really work? As a past exam taker, I would like to…

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Newsbriefs: September 30, 2021

By ATA | September 30, 2021

In This Issue: International Translation Day, Save on ATA62 Conference, Compensation Survey, Meet the Candidates, Trados Studio Beginner, B2BB: Directory Listing, ATA62 Division Events, Honors and Awards, ATA at Elevate Conf, The ATA Chronicle, and more.

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Certification Exam Study Groups

By ATA | August 2, 2021

The advent of the online ATA certification exam has led to increased interest in certification and in the establishment of study groups to prepare…

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The Online Exam Is Here!

By The ATA Chronicle | July 15, 2021

ATA is excited to offer our certification exam online to complement our traditional in-person format. For the first time, members are now able to…

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The What and Why of Certification Exam Conditions

By The ATA Chronicle | May 19, 2021

As we move toward an online version of ATA’s certification exam, some long-standing exam conditions will be changing—things like bringing your own dictionaries and…

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