ATA’s Certification Exam Preparation Workshop in Boston

By The ATA Chronicle | May 10, 2018

Training has always been an important part of ATA’s mission. Organizers wanted to see if a full-day workshop led by graders of ATA’s Certification Program could successfully benefit both exam candidates and the program.

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Certification Exam Changes

By The Savvy Newcomer | April 17, 2018

Reblogged from The ATA Chronicle, with permission There are major changes ahead for ATA’s certification exam in 2017. Eligibility Requirements Education and experience requirements…

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Who Wants to Fail ATA’s Certification Exam?

By The ATA Chronicle | November 1, 2017

Self-help books and websites have recently been featuring “not-to-do” lists as a way of improving work habits, enhancing productivity, and generally boosting quality of…

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Peer Reviewed: Collaborative Preparation for the Certification Exam

By The ATA Chronicle | September 11, 2017

Currently, the main option available to help candidates prepare for ATA’s certification exam is the practice test. An obvious advantage of taking the practice…

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Computerized ATA Certification Exam Option Now Available at Select Sittings

By The Savvy Newcomer | July 11, 2017

 Reblogged from The ATA Chronicle with permission (incl. the image) ATA is now offering a computerized option for taking the certification exam at select sittings. Candidates…

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Translation Certificate vs. Certification

By The Savvy Newcomer | April 4, 2017

By Helen Eby and Daniela Guanipa “I have a certificate, therefore I’m certified.” Wrong! So, you completed a certificate in translation from institution XYZ,…

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Practice, Practice, Practice!

By The ATA Chronicle | March 21, 2017

Practice tests, which are available in every language pair in which the exam is offered, are an often overlooked and under-utilized resource for preparing…

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ATA Certification Pass Rates 2003-2013, 2004-2014, and Statistical Trends

By The Savvy Newcomer | February 21, 2017

By Geoffrey S. Koby Reblogged from The ATA Chronicle with permission from the author (incl. the image) The Certification Committee is happy to report here…

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Study Resources for Translation Certification

By The Savvy Newcomer | February 14, 2017

Our team leader Helen has been a busy bee compiling a list of resources to help translators interested in taking the ATA certification exam.…

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ATA Written and Keyboarded exams: A personal account

By The Savvy Newcomer | January 10, 2017

by Helen Eby I prepared for the ATA Translation Certification exam with my Oregon Society of Translators and Interpreters (OSTI) colleagues. The exam has…

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The Certification Toolbox: Get Ready!

By The ATA Chronicle | November 8, 2016

Late fall and early winter are traditionally a slow time for ATA’s Certification Program, since no exam sittings are scheduled between ATA’s Annual Conference…

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Death by a Thousand Cuts

By The Savvy Newcomer | August 16, 2016

By Juan Lizama Reblogged from the Oregon Society of Translators and Interpreters blog with permission from the author It is not the complex syntax,…

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