Profile of ATA’s 2022 School Outreach Contest Winner: Aída Carrazco

By The ATA Chronicle | February 12, 2023

When Aída Carrazco, the 2022 ATA School Outreach Contest winner, gave her presentation to her son’s fifth grade class in March 2022, kids were just going back to school after 16 months of studying from home. That meant she faced a unique challenge: students weren’t used to being in the classroom. Aída was determined to make sure she kept their attention by making her presentation extra fun!

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ATA 63rd Annual Conference

E76: ATA’s 63rd Annual Conference Preview

By ATA | September 8, 2022

Over 160 educational sessions, 15 Advanced Skills and Training Day (AST) courses, 30 subject- and language-specific tracks, industry leaders from around the world, and 1,500 translators, interpreters, students, educators, project managers, and language company owners—what more can you say about ATA’s 63rd Annual Conference?

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Hard of Hearing Children and Dual Language Learning: Guidelines for Interpreters

By The ATA Chronicle | May 17, 2022

Interpreters play a key role for hard of hearing future multilinguals as they receive services from audiologists and speech-language pathologists. As interpreters, we bring our creativity into the session to find solutions, working as a team with the provider to ensure the best possible intervention for the patient. How can interpreters complement and aid other professionals in their tasks? How do we help families along this journey without making it our own? Here’s some advice that stems from my experience and that of other professionals in the field.

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The Orange County Department of Education Multilingual Consortium

The Orange County Department of Education Multilingual Consortium: A Clearinghouse for Educational Interpreters

By The ATA Chronicle | January 25, 2022

California’s Orange County Department of Education has spearheaded efforts to provide continuous professional learning opportunities for bilingual staff in educational settings nationwide. Learn how a robust language services program strategically addressed the challenges and effectively capitalized on the opportunities presented by the pandemic.

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Reflections on Running a Micro-Internship

Reflections on Running a Micro-Internship: Making a Difference by Starting Small

By The ATA Chronicle | January 24, 2022

Given how few translation training programs exist in the U.S., internships can be a great way for freelance translators to contribute to the next generation of our profession while also getting something in return.

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Diversify Successfully with Online Language Teaching/Cultural Experience Hosting

By The ATA Chronicle | July 15, 2021

Linguistic and cultural skills such as those cultivated by most translators/interpreters are in high demand in education and are difficult to duplicate. This industry is likely to remain active even after the pandemic, so it’s a stable option for translators/interpreters looking to diversify.

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Savvy Diversification Series: Online Language Teaching

By The Savvy Newcomer | June 8, 2021

The Savvy Newcomer team has been taking stock of the past year and finding that one key priority for many freelance translators and interpreters…

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Savvy Diversification Series: Translator Training

By The Savvy Newcomer | May 11, 2021

The Savvy Newcomer team has been taking stock of the past year and finding that one key priority for many freelance translators and interpreters…

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Guide to Starting Out as a Translator

By ATA | April 28, 2021

Translation is a tool that bridges people and cultures. It’s a very rewarding profession that allows you to connect people through the written word.…

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ATA Joins Forces with the Association of Language Companies to Bridge the Education/Career Gap

By ATA | March 7, 2021

The Association of Language Companies (ALC) has been working to increase connections, relationships, and shared learning between the professional and academic sides of the…

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Getting Real with Translation & Interpreting

By The Savvy Newcomer | February 23, 2021

This post originally appeared on the Language Magazine blog and it is republished with permission. Caitilin Walsh suggests 11 resources to bring Translation and…

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Heritage Speakers in Health Care Interpreting: A Case Study in Virtual Training

By The ATA Chronicle | May 11, 2020

Two experienced trainers share some lessons learned from the efforts of a three-month training program at Barton Health in South Lake Tahoe, California, to prepare bilingual employees who are Spanish heritage speakers to enter the field of health care interpreting.

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