Newsbriefs: September 30, 2021

If you haven’t already, it’s time to join ATA as we continue our weeklong celebration of International Translation Day 2021!

From Instagram “bingo” to Facebook “mad libs,” we’ve invited translators and interpreters everywhere to share their work experiences. We’ve learned how Kate translated lyrics of 18th-century French arias, Maria interpreted at a “body farm,” and Ánfora worked on a project for the Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia. We’ve met Lucy who specializes in human rights translation, Olivier who was the only interpreter for an eight-hour international conference on gender categories in Polynesia, and Shaima who translates in the public diplomacy sector. It’s been a blast!

It’s not too late to get in on the fun! Check out today’s challenge on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and have fun with #ataitd2021!

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Industry News

Britain’s Ministry of Defence Investigating Data Breach Exposing the Identities of Afghan Interpreters

The Washington Post (DC) (09/21/21) Francis, Ellen

Britain’s Ministry of Defence is investigating a data breach that disclosed the email addresses of dozens of Afghan interpreters who had worked with British forces. The Ministry reported that it had already suspended one employee in connection with the breach.

The BBC reported that more than 250 people seeking to relocate to the U.K. from Afghanistan—many of whom are still in hiding—were mistakenly copied on an email from the Ministry. Their email addresses could be seen by all recipients, showing people’s names and some associated profile pictures.

“We apologize to everyone impacted by this breach and are working hard to ensure it does not happen again,” said U.K. Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace, calling the incident “an unacceptable breach.”

The mass email originated from the team responsible for coordinating relocations from Afghanistan, which has remained in touch with interpreters since the Taliban seized control. The email warned interpreters not to move if it wasn’t safe to do so and promised assistance. In a second email 30 minutes later, the Ministry urged recipients to delete the first message and recommended they change email addresses.

Member of Parliament Tobias Ellwood welcomed the investigation but said it was more pressing to get the interpreters out of the country as soon as possible. “Each day they remain in the country, the risk of the Taliban catching up with them increases.”

“The reality is we’ve left the vast, vast majority of our interpreters behind so this is going to have a profound impact on people who are still in the country,” said Former Minister for Defence Johnny Mercer.


Many Organizations Desperate for Interpreters as Thousands of Afghan Refugees Resettle in U.S.

New York Post (NY) (09/22/21) Bennett, Stephanie

Organizations helping to resettle Afghan refugees in the U.S. say demand for interpreters will likely surge as they take in more people over the next few weeks, leaving many struggling to fill vacancies.

The Biden administration is hoping to help resettle up to 65,000 Afghans through October and another 30,000 through the next fiscal year.

The Sahaba Initiative, a nonprofit in San Bernardino, California, that helps families with food, clothing, housing, and jobs, said it is looking to hire several interpreters. In addition to interpreters, Sahaba President Arbazz Nizami said the organization also needs “counselors and therapists and people who really understand how to address some of the mental health issues and who also speak the language and understand the culture.”

The International Rescue Committee, a global humanitarian aid, relief, and development nongovernmental organization in New York, also needs interpreters. They are looking for volunteers, including those who are fluent in Pashto and Dari.

Refugee organizations in Arizona said they’ve had an outpouring of support from the local community, including individuals volunteering to help interpret.

“This is one of those times when we really are coming together as a country, people really want to help,” said Connie Phillips, chief executive officer of the Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest. “It’s been great to be able to highlight this refugee resettlement process. It’s really an honor to welcome them into our community.”

One interpreter from Arizona, who wanted to remain anonymous for her safety, said she has been interpreting phone calls almost daily since the first evacuations from Kabul. She said she wants to aid as many people as possible, including her own family still in Afghanistan.

“I’m crying almost every day,” she said.


U.S. Department of Justice Determines Florida Court Administrator Discriminated Against Former Court Interpreter

Daytona Beach News-Journal (FL) (09/22/21) Balona, Patricio G.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has determined that Mark Weinberg, administrator of the Seventh Judicial Circuit Court (SJCC) in Volusia County, Florida, discriminated against a former court interpreter in 2015 when he fired her after she urged the courts to get more help for non-English speakers. The DOJ has ordered the Florida State Courts System to pay the interpreter $160,000.

“I feel vindicated,” said former SJCC interpreter Claudia Villalba. She is a federally certified court interpreter who has been approved as a rater of state and federal court interpreting exams by the National Center for State Courts.

DOJ investigators questioned Weinberg’s credibility, writing that he made inaccurate statements regarding a child custody case where a mother who spoke only Spanish was denied an interpreter. Documents indicate that Villalba helped the mother in that case by referring her to an advocate who was compiling a report for the DOJ on the Florida State Courts System’s violations of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

When Weinberg fired Villalba, he claimed she was an “at will” worker and could be terminated without providing a reason. But DOJ investigators determined that Weinberg fired Villalba because he was unhappy that Villalba wanted interpreter services to be provided to all non-English speakers, and not only in criminal cases. It was also determined that Weinberg sought to punish Villalba for referring the Spanish-speaking mother to the advocate.

“DOJ finds that SJCC retaliated against Ms. Villalba in violation of Title VI,” the investigators wrote in the DOJ report. “Ms. Villalba engaged in protected activity, she suffered the adverse action of termination, her termination was casually related to her protected activity, and SJCC’s reasons for Ms. Villalba’s termination are pretext.”

Florida State Courts Systems Spokesperson Paul Flemming said Weinberg does not face any sanctions, as his actions described in the DOJ report are “not a disciplinary matter.”


U.S. Soldier Wins Long Fight to Get Afghan Interpreter Asylum

Associated Press (DC) (09/22/21) Watson, Julie

Army combat veteran Spencer Sullivan’s eight-year struggle to give his former platoon’s Afghan interpreter asylum ended in success on September 22.

Abdulhaq Sodais was granted asylum by a court in Germany, where he was forced to flee after repeatedly being denied a U.S. visa despite facing death threats for aiding U.S. troops during its 20-year war in Afghanistan.

Sullivan initiated the campaign after his platoon’s other interpreter, Sayed Masoud, was denied a U.S. visa before being assassinated by the Taliban in 2017.

“It’s ultimately just cathartic relief,” he said after learning that Sodais had been granted asylum. Sullivan was overwhelmed with emotion in part because the news also reminded him that he couldn’t help Masoud. “This long journey is over, but Masoud didn’t make it.”

Thousands of Afghans who helped U.S. troops have spent years languishing in the backlogged and strained U.S. Special Immigrant Visa program, and countless others were rejected due to minor inconsistencies in their work records.

Sodais first applied for a U.S. visa in 2013 but was turned down. He appealed four times before escaping to Germany, after his uncle was beheaded and his neighbor who worked for the U.S. military was killed by the Taliban.

He traveled for seven months through nearly a half dozen countries, suffering beatings and incarceration before reaching Germany, where his first asylum request was denied.

Sullivan wrote letters of recommendation, supplied photos of Sodais’ time with his platoon, and secured U.S. government records showing that his visa was denied because of a cursory review by a civilian contractor, who Sodais said falsely accused him of checking social media on the job.

In August, Germany temporarily suspended the deportation of all Afghans due to the turmoil in Afghanistan but didn’t specify how long the order would last. Sodais said he believes Sullivan’s letters led to his finally being granted asylum. His case will be reviewed in three years when he can then apply for German citizenship.

Sodais said he anticipates receiving his German passport so he can visit Sullivan and finally see the U.S. “I’m feeling right now that I will have an amazing future,” he said.


Washington Business Owner Repays $43K for Bogus Workers’ Comp Interpreting Bills

Insurance Journal (CA) (09/23/21)

The owner of a language services company in Seattle, Washington, accused of forging signatures and stealing money by billing the state for appointments that never happened, has pleaded guilty to third-degree theft.

Carla Moreno committed the reported theft while operating two companies, The Language Spot and Language Spot, both based in Pasco, Washington, from 2009 to 2017. A sole proprietor, she reportedly hired independent contractors to interpret at medical and physical therapy appointments for Spanish-speaking workers who had workplace injury claims with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Investigators found Moreno used a variety of methods to overbill the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries for services, including billing for non-existent appointments, double billing for actual appointments, using the names and provider numbers of interpreters who worked for her in the past, and submitting billing forms with forged signatures of health care providers and certified interpreters.

Investigators also found that Moreno had submitted 60 billing forms with the name and provider number of a certified interpreter who no longer worked for her. The certified interpreter and five other individuals told the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries they were unaware Moreno had been using their names and provider numbers to bill for services.

Moreno was sentenced to serve more than 30 days in confinement, including 10 days in jail and 20 days through electronic home monitoring. She must also serve probation for two years. As part of her sentence, Moreno was also required to repay the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries $43,296 for overbilling the department for interpreting services.


Ex-Nazi Death Squad Interpreter Dies at 97 in Canada

BBC (United Kingdom) (09/23/21)

A man believed to be Canada’s last suspected Nazi war criminal has died at 97.

Helmut Oberlander had been fighting the Canadian government’s latest effort to revoke his citizenship over his involvement with a Nazi death squad.

He admitted to working as an interpreter with the squad but maintained he had been forcibly conscripted at age 17 and did not participate in the atrocities.

Born in Ukraine, Oberlander came to Canada in 1954 and first became a Canadian citizen in 1960. The country had revoked his citizenship and attempted to deport him three times since 1995. Each time he appealed.

The government said that when Oberlander first applied for citizenship he had knowingly concealed he had been an auxiliary of the Einsatzkommando, a squad that operated behind the German army’s front line in the Eastern occupied territories.

The Einsatzkommando is responsible for killing more than two million people, many of them Jewish. In his court appeals, Oberlander had argued that he had no alternative but to work for the Germans and would have been subject to the harshest penalties had he disobeyed.

Oberlander was the last of 12 Canadians who were alleged to have been involved with Nazi-era crimes but died before the government could complete the proceedings to deport them.

In an interview with a local newspaper in 2000, Oberlander had promised “to fight this case until death do us part, or until I run out of money and have to put a mortgage on my house, whatever comes first.”


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Attention Voting members
ATA has partnered with Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) to administer the 2021 elections. Proxy ballots and instructions were sent by email to all voting members on September 21. If you are a Voting member and have not received your proxy, please contact All voting will be electronic—there will be no paper ballots on-site.

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To ensure receipt of the proxy and voting instructions, please add as an approved sender in your email settings.


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ATA 2021 Elections: Candidate Statements
Calling all Voting members! Participating in ATA’s annual elections (in person and virtually) is your opportunity to help shape the future of the Association. Learn what this year’s candidates for ATA’s Board of Directors have to say. Remember, the Annual Meeting of Voting Members will be held October 28, 2021.

Choosing and Building a Specialization
In our experience, the best way to ensure quality and a sustainable business practice is to specialize. Whether you arrived in the industry with a specialization or are currently working to build one, you’ll find it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Regardless of how you choose a specialization, you must work to build, maintain, and transform your areas of expertise to attract great clients and earn top dollar. (Karen Tkaczyk and Ben Karl)

Audio Transcription: What It Is, What It Is Not, And Why It Is in High Demand
As people continue to favor a fully virtual or hybrid model when it comes to holding conferences, workshops, webinars, group discussions, and networking events, the demand for transcription will only increase. This might be the sector to help diversify your services! (Rafa Lombardino)

Is Applying ISO Standards to Information Security the New Black in Translation?
Machine translation has grown exponentially. Translators need to adjust their standard practice to this new reality to provide high-quality translation services. (Dolores R. Guiñazú and Gabriela Escarrá)

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