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Yes, you can ask for feedback—and you should! Discover the benefits of this powerful tool.

All too often, translators work in a bubble. Many are not used to soliciting feedback or are afraid to ask. The rare times they do get feedback, it might be perceived only as negative. However, feedback is a powerful tool for ensuring you do your best work, improve your translation skills, attract better clients, and have a more fulfilling practice.

This webinar will delve into the importance and benefits of getting feedback from both clients and colleagues, informal and formal editing relationships, and a roadmap for adding a feedback loop into every translation workflow.

What will you learn?

  1. Why feedback is a gift, not a reproach
  2. The benefits of feedback far outweigh the drawbacks… wait, what drawbacks?
  3. When you must have an editor and when you can do without
  4. Turning me, myself, and I into us, ourselves, and we!
  5. Adding a feedback loop to your workflow

About the Presenter

Ben Karl is a French> and Mandarin>English translator and copywriter based in Los Angeles. He specializes in commercial, financial, and marketing texts. Ben is ATA-certified (French>English). He currently serves on ATA’s Membership Committee and chairs the Translatio Standing Committee for the International Federation of Translators.

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July 8
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Presenter(s): Ben Karl
Duration: 45 minutes
Presenting Language(s): English
Level: Beginner
ATA CEPs: 0.0


American Translators Association

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