By Tatiana Cestari and Anne Connor
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We interpret in many areas where we don’t agree with the speaker, and we think nothing of it. We recognize the specialty, build the resources, and train to become fluent in the details. Why, then, do we not do the same for spiritual care?

Join Tatiana Cestari and Anne Connor in this episode of ATA’s Inside Specialization series for a discussion of this overlooked specialty. You’ll learn how medicine’s renewed interest in the mind-body-spirit connection is leading to the development of training for this aspect of health care interpreting, how to handle requests when you aren’t prepared, and where to locate the resources you’ll need.

Resources for Interpreters in Spiritual Care Settings:  Bahá’í Faith PrayersThe Book of Common Prayer according to the Episcopal ChurchThe Book of MormonCatechism of the Catholic ChurchCatholic OnlineJehovah’s WitnessesJewish Prayers and BlessingsThe Noble Quran

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