By Matt Baird
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This year for International Translation Day, Matt Baird and Andie Ho co-host the podcast for the first time to spotlight the importance of joining professional translation and interpreting associations. This episode's guests, Céline Browning and Marco Díaz, are great examples! Why? Although Céline and Marco have followed completely different career paths, they both have one thing in common: They joined ATA and became active members fairly early in their careers, and they both agree that it had a significant impact on their early success and where they are today.

In this special episode for ITD 2023, listen to find out:

  • How Céline and Marco got into interpreting and translation.

  • Why they attended ATA’s Annual Conference the first time and their experience.

  • How ATA has made a big impact on their freelance businesses.

  • Andie and Matt's own ATA Annual Conference success stories.

Show Notes

Show Notes:

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