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Translation and Interpreting Case Studies

Automation Doesn't Solve Everything

Six Things You Should Know About Machine Translation

Taco Bell's return to Japan in 2015 was widely anticipated, but the company's launch of its Japanese-language website spawned a media frenzy—not because of the food. With machine-translated menu items that turned "Cheesy Fries" into "Low Quality Fleece" and "Crunchwrap Supreme-Beef" into "Supreme Court Beef," the company had to rush [more]

5 Tips for Taking your Business Global

Do Your Homework Before Going Global

The Coca-Cola Company is the leading beverage maker in China's $69 billion soft drink market, but the story might have been quite different if it weren't for some smart and localized brand management at the very beginning of its foray into the country. Protecting the company's valuable trademark [more]

Don’t get lost in translation. Get it right!

In 2009, an international bank made a simple yet costly translation slip-up when its catchphrase "Assume Nothing" was mistranslated as "Do Nothing." When it comes to recovering your reputation following language blunder, there's no room for error. If ever there was a time to avoid using machine translation, this is it. [more]

The High Cost of Cheap Translation

Why You Shouldn't Skimp When Leaping the Language Barrier

You pay for the best product development and manufacturing. Your legal and administrative people are top-notch. You choose your advertising and marketing partners with utmost care. And then you pick the lowest bidder for your translations. There's a good chance you've just made a costly [more]

Legal Risks in Translations: Hanging On Every (Foreign) Word

Janel and her business partner Kevin go all in on their wearable-tech startup. They even get foreign patents translated into English to make sure there are no conflicts with their idea. Three years later, when their products are finally hitting the shelves, they receive a cease and desist letter. [more]

To Translate or Not to Translate?

5 tips for knowing when you need professional translation

"A little knowledge goes a long way." That's what Michael, the owner of a fast-growing company, said to his business partner when discussing the process of taking their US success into international markets. His partner couldn’t agree more. Sales were up [more]

Arriving at the Right Type of Language Professional

Business people don't have to communicate with extraterrestrials (yet), but they can still learn a few things from the sci-fi thriller Arrival. In the blockbuster film, Dr. Louise Banks is a language professional called in by the Army to communicate with an alien species. Is she a translator? An interpreter? A linguist? Does it matter? [more]

Going International From the Inside Out

Last year, a mid-sized manufacturer took their brand international with a multilingual campaign that opened the company to orders from rapidly growing markets in Asia. In the process, their accounting department saved them a great deal of money, but not in the way you would expect. [more]

Not connecting with consumers?

Maybe you're not speaking their language

You may think your company's products and services speak for themselves, but building a brand beyond borders takes more. If you don't speak your customer's language and understand their culture, you won't reach them emotionally and your reputation will suffer. [more]

When It Comes to Communication, More Is More

In a world of information overload, less is often more. Think of website or marketing copy where best short and sweet. But when it comes to people talking to people, more is better. Lean what you can do today to save time, money, and headaches down the line. [more]

Customs Clearance for Your Content Marketing

How to get your message across the border

Marketing research shows that the majority of people prefer to shop online in their native language. So before you jump on the band wagon to take your company global, consider how to present your services in foreign markets. There's more to it than translating your website into another language. [more]

How to Establish a Real “Worldwide” Web Presence

Marketing analysts have established that people like to shop in their native language. The same is true when searching online—meaning that if your site's key words haven't been translated correctly, your business won't be found by non-English speaking customers. [more]

(Bilingual) Help Wanted

A personnel manager at a fast-growing start-up planned to give her company a competitive edge by recruiting bilingual employees. She was surprised to discover that many of the company's current employees were multilingual. However, her next discovery was not quite as positive. [more]

The Bots Are Coming!

Advances in automation and artificial intelligence have given new life to the expectation that machines can handle bilingual business communication. But before you jump on this bandwagon, take an honest look at what work you're actually willing to turn over to a machine. [more]

What Your Signage Says about You

As a new business owner, Ben created a colorful, eye-catching sign which he translated for the Spanish-speaking community surrounding his store. It was a mystery then why there were so few customers. And that's when he discovered the downside of do-it-yourself translation. [more]

From Blunder to Wonder

How companies successfully bounce back from mistakes

In 2009, an international bank made a simple yet costly translation mistake when its catchphrase "Assume Nothing" was mistranslated as "Do Nothing." When it comes to repairing your reputation after a language blunder, there's no room for error. [more]

5 Website Features That May Be Working Against You

If the goal of your website is to sell services, products, or information, then the key to your success is keeping visitors on your site long enough to get interested. Don't sabotage your goal with all the cool things you can do. [more]

Cheap, Fast or Good: How to Pick the Two That are Best for You

Known by many names, such as "the triple constraint" or "the business triangle," the general rule is that you can have it cheap, fast or good, but you can’t have all three. Yet picking only two is a choice most don’t want to make. [more]

Finding and Leveraging External Communications Professionals

Communication is a tricky business in your own language, not to mention in someone else's! Copywriters, public relations consultants, and professional translators can save you the embarrassment of getting it wrong. Here are five how-to steps for working with communication specialists. [more]

Yes, You Can! DIY Tips for Planning a Successful Professional Event

While there is such a thing as organizational engineering, it doesn't take a graduate degree to plan and host a successful conference or company event. Just follow these six basic guidelines. [more]

Content Marketers: Time To Call In the Language Professionals

With purchasing power and internet usage on the rise across the globe, the opportunity to expand beyond the English-speaking market is enormous—and yet it's not as easy as it looks. Not only does your content need to be translated; it also needs to be "transcreated." [more]

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