Tips for Taking the Winning Shot

Whether presenting in person or virtually, you can use these tips to capture a contest-worthy photo.

Molly Yurick (left) with students at the Instituto de Educación Secundaria Cuenca del Nalón in Asturias, Spain.

Consider Content

  • The photo should clearly show that you're talking about translation or interpreting. This could include words behind you on a whiteboard or chalkboard, an interesting prop, or classroom decorations such as flags, foreign vocabulary, or maps.
  • Include yourself and one or more students in the photo.
Rika Mitrik speaking to preschoolers at the WEE Center in Rockville, Maryland.

Plan Ahead

  • Get all necessary permissions to take and distribute your photo. If the school's confidentiality policy prohibits showing student faces in the photo, try a shot that shows them from the back.
  • Plan who will take the photo—the teacher, one of the students, or someone else—and when.

Aim for Quality

  • Try to take a photo suitable for reproduction in The ATA Chronicle and promotional materials.
  • For screenshots of virtual presentations, ask all students to look into their camera lens and pose for the photo.
  • Take a few shots so you have a variety of options to choose from. You can submit multiple photos with your entry if you can't decide which one you like best!

How to Capture a Winning Photo

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