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Revisers: Invisible But Important

June 8, 2011

Professional translators must know how to revise.

Professional translators must know how to revise, both to clean up our work before delivery and to provide this service to others. We cannot catch all our own mistakes, so revisers are as important to translators as editors are to authors.

Language service companies know that revision is their most powerful QA (quality assurance) tool for delivering a translation that is as close to perfect as possible.

Watch this webinar to learn about the three types of revision, the limits of self-revision, and strategies for pricing and performing this crucial value-adding step in the translation project.

What you will learn

  • Definition of revision; what it is and is not.
  • Types of revision; focus on professional revision in the commercial context.
  • Roles of the reviser in large and small projects; what makes a “good” reviser.
  • Financial considerations: pricing, opportunity costs.

About the Presenter

Jonathan Hine, CT (I>E)), translated his first book in 1961. His most recent book translation, Beyond the Age of Oil, was published in 2010.

A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, the University of Oklahoma, and the University of Virginia, he belongs to ATA, the PEN Center, and the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association.

In addition to translating and revising full-time, Jonathan has taught technical translation and revision at James Madison University, and authored the chapter “Teaching Text Revision in a Multilingual Environment” for the ATA Scholarly Monograph, Beyond the Ivory Tower.

Jonathan is a frequent presenter at ATA conferences, a mentor in the ATA Mentoring Program, and a grader in the ATA Certification Program.

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June 8, 2011
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Presenter(s): Jonathan Hine
Duration: 60 minutes

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