ATA 63rd Annual Conference

E76: ATA’s 63rd Annual Conference Preview

By ATA | September 8, 2022

Over 160 educational sessions, 15 Advanced Skills and Training Day (AST) courses, 30 subject- and language-specific tracks, industry leaders from around the world, and 1,500 translators, interpreters, students, educators, project managers, and language company owners—what more can you say about ATA’s 63rd Annual Conference?

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Interpreting for Spiritual Care in Healthcare Settings

E75: Inside Specialization – Interpreting for Spiritual Care in Health Care Settings

By ATA | July 18, 2022

Join podcast hosts Tatiana Cestari and Anne Connor as they discuss this overlooked specialty of interpreting.

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E74: The ATA Certification Exam On Demand

By ATA | June 1, 2022

The ATA certification exam is now available online and on demand, and this episode of the ATA Podcast will tell you all about it.

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Inside Specialization Legal Translation

E73: Inside Specialization – Legal Translation

By ATA | May 3, 2022

Hear about the role passion plays in the decision to become a legal translator and learn the key to becoming one of the best.

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International Trade Translation

E72: Inside Specialization – International Trade Translation

By ATA | February 1, 2022

It’s the knowledge beyond the words on the page that will take you places in the specialization of International Trade Translation.

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Audiovisual Translation

E71: Inside Specialization – Audiovisual Translation

By ATA | December 30, 2021

Get the insight and advice you need to specialize in audiovisual translation.

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transcreation in video game localization

E69: Inside Specialization – Video Game Localization

By ATA | December 30, 2021

Find out how to gain enough experience to break into the world of video game localization.

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E70: American Foundation for Translation and Interpretation

By ATA | December 16, 2021

Learn about AFTI’s beginnings, its current-day focus on student scholarships and T&I awards, and how your donation can make a difference.

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Medical Interpreting

E68: Inside Specialization – Medical Interpreting

By ATA | November 2, 2021

Learn about the skills, training, and commitment needed to work in the very personally rewarding field of medical interpreting.

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Diplomatic Translation

E67: Inside Specialization – Diplomatic Translation

By ATA | October 19, 2021

Don’t miss an insider’s view of the truly unique specialty of Diplomatic Translation in Episode 67 of The ATA Podcast.

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ATA Elections

E66: Meet the Candidates in ATA’s 2021 Elections

By ATA | September 30, 2021

The slate is set, the candidates are ready, and the opportunity to learn more about who’s running for the Board is right here in front of you!

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Translating Sustainability

E65: Inside Specialization – Translating Sustainability

By ATA | September 16, 2021

Discover what jobs are available in the sustainability and waste management market in Episode 65 of The ATA Podcast.

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