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ATA School Outreach Contest Winners

2017 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Marybeth Timmermann

2017 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner Marybeth Timmermann

Marybeth Timmermann, a French>English translator, is the winner of the 2017 ATA School Outreach Contest. Convincing juniors and seniors in a local high school that it's not all about Google Translate was an important goal of Marybeth's presentation. Not an easy task in a small Midwestern farming community where there is limited contact with foreign languages. But the students got it!

2016 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner Rika Mitrik

2016 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Rika Mitrik

Rika Mitrik, a Japanese<>English interpreter and ATA-certified English>Japanese translator, won the 2016 ATA School Outreach Contest and a free registration to ATA’s 57th Annual Conference. To prepare for presenting to pre-schoolers, Rika practiced with her niece and nephew and quickly discovered that their attention span was 15 to 20 minutes. Smart move! More >

2015 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner Molly Yurick

2015 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Molly Yurick

Molly Yurick, a Spanish>English translator based in Oviedo, Spain, won ATA's 2015 School Outreach Contest with a photo of her presentation to bilingual students at the Instituto de Educación Secundaria Cuenca del Nalón in Asturias, Spain. Molly's memorable moment: "At the end of the class, one student confessed that he was now thinking of becoming a translator. That was a great feeling!" More >

2014 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Jenny Stillo

The 2014 School Outreach Contest winner was Jenny Stillo, a Spanish interpreter and translator based in Crested Butte, Colorado. Jenny took an interactive approach in her presentation including reenactments of real-life scenarios and a competitive game of Family Feud. Jenny is passionate about showing students the importance of bridging cultures and languages. "We need to plant the seeds early!" More >

2013 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: María Elena Gaborov

A photo taken during a presentation at the University of North Carolina (UNC) won the 2013 ATA School Outreach Contest. María Elena Gaborov said that while she entered the contest wanting to win a free ATA Conference registration, the experience itself was more than worth her time. Her 20-minute talk stretched to 90 minutes as students who entered the classroom unaware of what interpreters do became fascinated with the impact of the profession around the world. More>

2012 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Birgit Vosseler-Brehmer

Birgit Vosseler-Brehmer, winner of ATA's 2012 School Outreach Contest, recalls that the idea of speaking to an 11th-grade English class at the Kurfürst-Salentin Gymnasium was daunting. But she was committed to getting translation career information in front of the students. "I remembered myself when I was young and didn’t have enough personal input on choosing a career." More >

2011 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Marcelo Pelliccioni

Marcelo Pelliccioni was the winner of the 2011 ATA School Outreach Contest. As a teacher at the Bristol Middle School in Connecticut, Marcelo knew that a few props would go a long way. He came to the classroom with a lab coat and a stethoscope to explain medical interpreting, a gavel and a gown to explain court interpreting, and copies of the Harry Potter books and the movie Avatar in several languages. More>

2010 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Ana Safrin

Ana Safrin, an English>Brazilian Portuguese freelance translator in Cooper City, Florida, was the winner of ATA's 2010 School Outreach Contest. Ana spoke with second- and third-graders during a career day. With a "show-me" strategy, she brought a copy of a popular children's book and its Portuguese translation. When the students looked at the source and translated texts side by side, they could "see" what translation was all about. More>

2009 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Margarita Griggs

The 2009 ATA School Outreach Award went to Margarita Griggs, a translator and interpreter in Reno, Nevada. The winning photo shows Margarita in an ESL class surrounded by students with roots in Thailand, China, Korea, the Philippines, India, Mexico, and Honduras. "As a closing exercise, I asked the students which word best described what they had learned: they chose connect, and then translated the word into the language of their country of origin." More>


2008 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Sandra Burns Thomson

For 2008 School Outreach Winner Sandra Burns Thomson, it started as a way to join her young son in the classroom. When she volunteered to present a careers in business course to his 6th grade class, she added translation and interpreting to the lessons. To illustrate localization, for example, the class explored McDonald's websites around the world. In Cyprus the menu included a special Easter meal; in the Middle East, a lamb sandwich called the McArabia. Sandra plans to do it again. "I'll be in my daughter's classroom this year or next just because it's so much fun." More>


2007 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Alina Mugford

Alina Mugford of Bradenton, Florida, won the 2007 ATA School Outreach Contest. Alina spoke to Spanish IV students at Manatee High School. Using presentation materials available on the ATA website, she explained the roles of translator, interpreter, proofreader, and editor in various work settings. Florida Governor Charlie Crist wrote to congratulate Alina, saying "It is important that Florida schools accommodate foreign language programs to meet the needs of our diverse culture." More>


2006 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Rosario Welle

Rosario Welle won the 2006 ATA's School Outreach Contest with a photo of her presentation to first-graders at Florence Black Elementary School in Mesquite, Texas. To demonstrate the life-saving power of language skills, Rosario and three students dramatized a 911 call, with the children playing the roles of an injured person, an interpreter, and the dispatcher. Rosario said. "I realized that the children were unaware of the world of possibilities that a career in languages can offer." More>


2005 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Ji Eun Lee