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Introduction to Website Localization

Learn the ins and outs of website localization!

As the demand for website localization grows, there is a need for qualified translators who are up to the task. But many translators feel that they need more than just linguistic skills and have many questions: “Do I need to learn how to code? Do I need special software to localize websites?”

You don’t need special powers or magic rings to translate and localize websites. All you need is a mixture of cultural expertise, technical skills, and language mastery to deliver exceptional results and help your clients’ websites shine in other languages.

Join this webinar to feel more confident in the world of website localization and learn what skills and tools are required to be a successful localizer.

The speaker will guide you through processes carried out in a typical website localization project to analyze potential traps. You will also find out how to solve some of the most common website translation issues to find your way out of the localization maze.

What will you learn?

  1. What is website localization
  2. What skills are required to translate and localize websites
  3. What are the most common issues in website localization from a translator’s perspective
  4. What tools are used in translating websites
  5. How to specialize as a website translator

About the Presenter

Dorota Pawlak is an English and German into Polish translator specializing in information technology and localization. She holds an MA in Translation and an MSc in Multilingual Computing and Localization. Dorota teaches online localization courses and shares her tips for freelancers through her website. She is also a guest lecturer at the KU Leuven University in Antwerp where she teaches website and mobile app localization.

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September 21
Event Categories:
Presenter(s): Dorota Pawlak
Duration: 60 minutes
Presenting Language(s): English
Level: Beginner
ATA CEPs: 1.0


American Translators Association

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