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Industry News

Striking European Parliament Interpreters Want EU President to Weigh In

EUobserver (Belgium) (09/14/22) Nielsen, Nikolaj

Negotiations to resolve a strike between European Parliament staff interpreters and its administration have stalled. Efforts are now being made to include European Parliament President Roberta Metsola in the talks to find a solution.

While interpreters continue to work in the booths and on-site, they still refuse to interpret for those who dial in remotely. Parliament interpreters walked off the (virtual) job in July, angry at deteriorating health conditions from spending hours trying to interpret for people calling into meetings from cars and restaurants over bad connections with poor sound quality. Interpreters also stated that the poor working conditions they experienced increased the workload.

“It’s like driving at night under the rain versus traveling by day under good weather,” said one EU interpreter. “There’s a growing risk of accident and increased fatigue.”

Future employment fears are also mounting following a demand by Parliament’s Directorate-General for Personnel (DG Pers) to register those on strike.

Meanwhile, the three meetings held over the summer with DG Pers and the Directorate-General for Logistics (DG Linc) failed to find a solution.

An internal email sent by two EU trade unions, the Union for Unity and the Union Syndicale Fédérale Bruxelles, to Metsola, said the meetings had been “a waste of time.” It noted that the head of DG Pers, Kristian Knudsen, “did not have the mandate to negotiate any legal framework.”

When Parliament’s administration sent another invitation in September to negotiate, the trade unions and interpreters’ representatives refused.

The interpreters want rules to regulate exposure to poor working conditions they say lead to health risks. This could mean placing a cap on the duration of remote meetings or some other framework adapted to remote interventions.

The strike is set to continue until the end of September.


Children Have No Sign Language Interpreters Six Months after They Were Promised

Irish Examiner (Ireland) (09/06/22) Loughlin, Elaine

Parents of deaf children in Ireland are angry that Irish Sign Language (ISL) interpreters have yet to be provided to schools six months after they were promised.

Education Minister Norma Foley and Minister of State Josepha Madigan detailed an enhanced plan for supplying ISL in-school support for deaf students back in March. They announced that the new positions, which would be filled by holders of a specialized four-year degree, would see school interpreters placed on a stand-alone pay grade starting at around €32,000 and rising to about €67,000.

With the Department of Education yet to fully finalize the details, deaf children have begun another school year without ISL support. “It seems to be a case of promising something, making a big fuss about it, and then nothing actually happens,” said Emma Dooley O’Regan, a mother in the town of Kilkenny in southeast Ireland. She hired a special needs assistant (SNA) to help her five-year-old daughter for a few weeks, without any guarantee that assistance will be provided afterward.

“They haven’t rolled out this new communication position within the classroom. They are still trying to pay under an SNA wage,” O’Regan said. “I’m lucky I have a person who is willing to do a few weeks in September, but she’s not going to accept an SNA salary and I can’t blame her for that.”

The Sign Language Act creates a statutory duty for all public entities to provide free interpreting for all statutory services and entitlements, including education. Yet advocates have said a lack of suitable infrastructure has denied deaf children their rights until now. “It’s ridiculous that you think the government has been investing so much money in university graduates and there are children out there who can benefit from those graduates, but the jobs just aren’t put in place,” said Orla Freeman Gibney, whose deaf son is also supported by an interpreter working on a SNA salary.

A Department of Education spokesperson said the new plan’s operational details will be announced in the coming week.


They Translated Hamilton into German. Was It Easy? Nein

The New York Times (NY) (09/14/22) Paulson, Michael

For the past four years, a team of translators has been working with the creators of the musical Hamilton to develop a German version. The first production of the juggernaut musical in a language other than English is set to premiere in Hamburg.

The production is an important test for Hamilton, which already has six English-language productions running in North America, Britain, and Australia, and is hoping to follow Germany with a Spanish version in Madrid and Mexico City. But whether a translated Hamilton will succeed remains to be seen.

“It’s not like Frozen, which everybody knows,” said Simone Linhof, the artistic producer of Stage Entertainment, an Amsterdam-based production company that operates four theaters in Hamburg and has the license to present Hamilton in German. “Hamilton is more challenging.” Linhof said the musical features 47 songs, more than 20,000 words, fast-paced lyrics, abundant wordplay, complex rhyming patterns, plus allusions not only to hip-hop and musical theater but also to arcane aspects of early American history.

For Hamilton, Stage Entertainment executives invited translators to apply for the job by sending in sample songs. Kevin Schroeder, a veteran musical theater translator, and Sera Finale, a rapper-turned-songwriter, were chosen to work with Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the book, music, and lyrics for Hamilton.

Once Finale and Schroeder got the job, the process was painstaking, reflecting not only the complexity of the original language but also the fact that the show is almost entirely sung-through. There is very little spoken dialogue, which is generally easier to translate because it’s unconstrained by melody. Finale and Schroeder would send Miranda and his team proposed German lyrics as well as a literal translation back into English, allowing Miranda to understand how their proposal differed from his original.

A direct transfer of words was never going to work for such a complex show, so Finale and Schroeder got creative. Finale said there were so many variables to consider: words, syllables, meter, sound, flow, and position. She and Schroeder needed to preserve the essential meaning of each element of the show, but also omit some of the more arcane details, and they needed to echo the musicality of the language. Figures of speech and wordplay rarely survive translation, but Miranda encouraged Finale and Schroeder to create their own metaphors.

In some ways, the wordiness of Hamilton proved advantageous. “At least we had all these syllables,” Schroeder said. “It gave us room to play around.” Hamilton’s hip-hop elements also had benefits, Schroeder said. “If you come from a musical theater background, you’re used to being very correct and precise, but that’s not how rap works,” he said. “You have to find the flow, and you can play around with the beat.”

“I’m going to feel the internal rhyme, or lack of internal rhyme, of which there is a lot in this show, and so it’s important to me whenever that can be maintained without losing comprehensibility,” Miranda said. “That’s part of what makes hip-hop so much fun, the internal assonances of it, and Finale and Schroeder did an incredible job maintaining that.”


New Law Expands Threshold for Providing Multilingual Ballot Services in Colorado

Colorado Newsline (CO) (09/15/22) Toomer, Lindsey

In the November 2022 election, 20 Colorado counties will be required to provide Spanish-language voting materials thanks to a new state law lowering the population thresholds to support multilingual voters.

The Multilingual Ballot Access for Voters law, passed in 2021, establishes a statewide hotline the secretary of state’s office will operate during election season to provide translation and interpreting services for ballot language. It also requires Colorado counties with a minority language spoken by at least 2,000 voting-age citizens to provide a sample ballot in that language online.

“With the new multilingual ballot hotline and expanded access to multilingual ballots, all eligible Coloradans can feel confident in casting their ballot,” Secretary of State Jena Griswold said. “As secretary of state, it is my duty to deliver accessible elections for every eligible Coloradan, no matter their zip code, political affiliation, or primary language. I’m proud to make this important resource available to Colorado voters.”

Before the Multilingual Ballot Access for Voters law, only six Colorado counties were required to provide Spanish-language ballot material under federal regulations.

Some of the counties required to provide multilingual ballot materials have already been doing so either because of federal requirements or because of their clerks’ offices allocating funding to support multilingual voters.

Peg Perl, Arapahoe County’s director of elections, said the county started by providing a Spanish sample ballot online and at voting centers, since it’s the second most-common language in the county behind English. The county also has its own hotline to provide interpreting services in around 100 languages year-round for anyone who calls Arapahoe County’s voter hotline or comes into the elections office to register.

Denver was already required to provide Spanish ballot materials under federal law, so the shift won’t be as drastic for the state’s largest city. Alton Dillard, Denver’s clerk and recorders public information officer, said the city even provided bilingual election materials prior to the federal mandate and that this has been “front of mind for years.”

“This law will be yet another tool to foster a culture of participation by removing barriers to the ballot box for eligible voters,” Dillard said. “We see this law as the basis of what election officials should be providing, and whenever possible, we always try to go above and beyond for our voters here in Denver.”

MultiLingual Media

Middlebury Institute

ATA News

ATA Workshop: Mobile App Localization for Translators and Linguists

Presenter: Dorota Pawlak
Date: September 20, 2022
Time: 10:30 a.m. U.S. ET
Duration: 3 hours
Language: English
Level: Beginner
CE Point(s): 3 ATA-approved

Limited to 30 attendees.

It’s an exciting time to be a localizer. Consumer demand for the next best “gee-whiz” mobile app is creating an increasing number of fun, new opportunities in the specialty. If you’ve considered expanding your services into the localization arena, now is the time—and this is the workshop to do it!

Through individual tasks, small-group assignments, discussions, and the instructor’s expert guidance, this workshop will explore the challenges and solutions encountered in mobile app localization projects, including which tools to use and how to avoid the most common mistakes. Not only will you get hands-on tips and practical exercises, but also information about finding customers in need of your services.

You will learn how to:
  1. Localize different file formats used in mobile apps
  2. Find the best tools to use for localizing mobile apps
  3. Test mobile apps
  4. Ensure the localized app is as user-friendly as possible
  5. Find direct customers for mobile app localization projects
Register now! ATA Member $135 | Non-Member $180


Inside Specialization: Editing, Proofreading, and Copyediting

While every translator needs editing and proofreading skills, you have to have a passion for it and be a true grammar nerd to make this your specialty—and that fits translator Eve Bodeux to a tee. Learn the skills required, the only reason behind every change in the text, and why technology hasn’t replaced humans in the editing, proofreading, and copyediting process when she sits down to talk with Inside Specialization’s guest host Gloria Cabrejos. Eve also offers up one simple tip that goes a long way in proofing your own work—don’t miss it!


ATA Webinar: Russian Legal Translation

Presenter: Thomas West
Date: September 22
Time: 12:00 noon ET
Duration: 2 hours
Level: Beginner
CE Point(s): 2 ATA-approved

In this two-hour webinar, we’ll take a look at the Russian law of obligations to see how it differs from contract and tort law in the U.S. We’ll talk about three fundamental differences and see how they affect the content of contracts in Russian. Then we’ll consider the anatomy of a contract in Russian and English and compare standard clauses.

The webinar will be conducted in English and is primarily aimed at translators from Russian-into-English, but should also be of interest to translators from English-into-Russian.

Register now! ATA Member $90 | Non-Member $120


Become an ATA Voting Member

With a direct voice in ATA, you can help shape the future of the Association and your profession.

Who can become a Voting member?
Any ATA Associate Member who can demonstrate that they are professionally engaged in translation, interpreting, or closely related fields may apply for Voting membership.

How do you become a Voting member?
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Date of Record
To vote in ATA’s 2022 Elections, you must be approved for Voting membership status by September 22, 2022.


The ATA Podcast


B2BB: Getting Out of a Business Slump

Presenter: Dorothee Racette
Date: September 21, 2022
Time: 12:00 noon U.S. ET
Duration: 45 minutes
Language: English
Level: Beginner
CE Point(s): None

Learn how to power through when your T&I business is slow! Unfortunately, feast and famine cycles are a reality of running a small freelance business. Dry spells can bring unwelcome financial disruptions and interfere with planning. Attend this ATA Back to Business Basics webinar to learn the dos and don’ts of dealing with a business slump to ensure a more predictable workload.

Register now!
Free to ATA members, but you must sign up by 10:00 a.m. ET on September 21. Click to learn more and register.

What is ATA’s Back to Business Basics Webinar Series?
Sometimes it’s the simple things that trip you up or hold you back in business. That’s the point behind ATA’s Back to Business Basics webinars—a series of 45-minute webinars offering practical advice on common translation and interpreting business problems.


Celebrating One Year of ATA’s Next Level Blog!

Last September, ATA’s Business Practices Education Committee debuted the Next Level blog for established translators and interpreters, and it’s been full steam ahead ever since! Join us as we celebrate with a look back at some of the advice shared over the last year by pros who’ve been there and done that. If you’re not already a reader of the Next Level, now’s the time to subscribe at the “more” link below. You can also follow @ATABizPractices on Twitter for all the latest blog posts and news.


Free ATA Member Orientation Session September 30

Join Meghan Konkol, Ben Karl, and Jessie Liu on September 30 at 11:00 a.m. ET to get answers on all things membership, from how to set up an online ATA Directory listing and how to participate in ATA divisions to where to find ATA on social media and how to contact ATA Headquarters staff for assistance. Remember to bring your questions, too, for a great Q&A session closeout.

Note: Due to the interactive nature of this event, it will not be recorded. The next ATA Member Orientation session will be Thursday, December 8 at 6:00 p.m. if you cannot attend on September 30.

Free, but registration is required.

Don’t miss out on benefits you can really use simply because you didn’t know they existed. Even if you joined ATA years ago, this presentation is for you!


ATA TEKTalks: Is Trados the Right Tool for You?

Presenter: Nicole Loney
Date: October 6, 2022
Time: 12:00 noon U.S. ET
Duration: 45 minutes
Language: English
Level: All
CE Point(s): None

Trados Studio is a translation memory software program designed primarily for offline work and, to many, it is the gold standard for CAT tools. But is it the right choice for you? Attend our next quarterly ATA TEKTalks webinar for an interview with RWS Product Marketing Manager Nicole Loney to find out!

Register now! Be sure to login to get the member “free” rate!
ATA Member Free | Non-Member $25

What is ATA TEKTalks?
It’s a quarterly webinar series from ATA’s Language Technology Division offering translators the chance to learn about language technology software one platform at a time. Each webinar features an interview with a company representative who explains what their program can do and how it fits into a translation workflow. You’ll walk away understanding the pros and cons of the software and whether it’s a good investment for you.


Book, Podcast, and Blog Fair at ATA63

Discover books, podcasts, and blogs, and meet your fellow translators and interpreters who created them! Come chat with colleagues who double as authors, podcasters, and bloggers! You can even purchase signed copies of books to add to your bookshelf. Make plans to attend Thursday, October 13, 12:45PM – 1:45PM at ATA63!

ATA’s Literary Division will be there!
The Division will have a table at the Book, Podcast, and Blog Fair. LD members can provide one copy of any published translation to display as well as fliers and order forms for conference attendees. Contact LD Administrator Shelley Fairweather-Vega for details.

Back by Popular Demand: Dictionary and Book Exchange
Donate the dictionaries you no longer need and find ones you can put to good use. One linguist’s trash is another linguist’s treasure! Also this year: bring one of your favorite books (any book!) and pick up another translator’s favorite book in return. Look for the Exchange in the ATA63 Exhibit Hall on Thursday 9:00AM – 6:00PM, Friday 8:30AM – 6:00PM, and Saturday 8:30AM – 2:00PM.


In the September/October Issue of The ATA Chronicle

ATA 2022 Elections: Candidate Statements
Calling all Voting members! Participating in ATA’s annual elections is your opportunity to help shape the future of the Association. Learn what this year’s candidates for ATA’s Board of Directors have to say. Remember, the Annual Meeting of Voting Members and Election will be held October 13, 2022.

Balancing Act: Caring for Someone with Dementia While Keeping a Practice Afloat
My father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My mother was in the early stages of an unspecified dementia. And the brilliant plans I had made so I could work from their senior living facility while caring for them during extended visits were crumbling all around me. Being a caregiver and at the same time a self-employed professional is a balancing act. But in the end, it can be a gift. (Carol Shaw)

“Your Story Is Your Weapon”: Interpreting for Immigrants in the Wake of Trauma
Whether in legal, health care, or community settings, interpreting for immigrants who’ve been forcibly displaced tests emotional resources. An interpreter shares techniques from the ancient art of poetry for building resilience. (Judith Small)

Language Industry Standardization in Argentina: A Brief Overview
In recent years, the term standardization has become increasingly relevant in the language industry, with a growing need for more information on the subject. Here’s an introduction to the main aspects related to standardization and the language industry in Argentina. (Gabriela Escarrá and Dolores R. Guiñazú)

Team Interpreting for Magistrate Courts in Texas
Learn how Texas magistrate judges, court staff, prison personnel, and interpreters are working remotely to ensure that non-English-speaking and limited-English-proficient detainees understand their rights when facing criminal charges. (Sandra Dejeux)

Access to The ATA Chronicle’s searchable archives is available online! And don’t forget to check out the latest issue of the Chronicle Online.


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