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Episode 5

The Computerized ATA Certification Exam with David Stephenson and Michèle Hansen
June 27, 2016

The first fully computerized ATA Certification Exam was tested this past April and will be available at several exam sittings in the second half of 2016. But what does "computerized exam" mean? How does it work? ATA Podcast Host Matt Baird interviews Certification Committee Chair David Stephenson and Deputy Chair Michèle Hansen to find out.

Episode 4

The ATA Chronicle Revamp with President David Rumsey and President-Elect Corinne McKay
May 31, 2016

The ATA Chronicle recently took the next step in its evolution-the look and feel, the frequency, and the content have changed quite a bit. Maybe you've asked yourself why these changes took place? How did they come about? What's the benefit? The behind-the-scenes story is well worth a listen.

Episode 3

Inside the ATA Board Room with President David Rumsey and President-Elect Corinne McKay
April 18, 2016

What goes on in the ATA Board room? What kinds of issues do the Board Directors discuss? Can members attend? Step inside the ATA Board room with ATA Podcast Host Matt Baird to get an insider’s view from David and Corinne. While you're at it, check out who's on the current ATA Board of Directors.

Episode 2

President David Rumsey and President-Elect Corinne McKay on Miami, San Francisco, and the all-new ataTalk
January 15, 2016

Was Miami magical? Will San Francisco be golden? What's ataTalk all about? David and Corinne join host Matt Baird to review ATA's 56th Annual Conference in Miami, give a sneak preview of this year's 57th Annual Conference in San Francisco, and explain why everyone's talking about ataTalk.

Episode 1

President Caitilin Walsh and President-Elect David Rumsey on the ATA 56th Annual Conference
September 30, 2015

With the ATA 56th Annual Conference in Miami just over a month away, PR Committee member Matt Baird chats with Caitilin and David about what's in store for attendees. Find out what's new this year and what's back by popular demand—and see you in Miami!


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