See the Benefits of School Outreach

ATA's School Outreach Program encourages professional translators and interpreters to visit classrooms—in person or virtually—and share their passion for language with students. We make it easy by offering presentation materials, tips, photos, and stories!

Attention Teachers and Students!

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Understanding the Value of Educating the Public

In classrooms from grade school to graduate school, you can find the next generation of language professionals and the next generation of clients. The more these future doctors, lawyers, and business owners know about our field, the more likely they'll appreciate the importance of our work.

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School Outreach Contest

Giving students a peek inside the profession is fun and rewarding. By sharing your story, you could win a free registration to the ATA Annual Conference!

2015 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Molly Yurick

Molly Yurick, a Spanish>English translator based in Oviedo, Spain, won ATA’s 2015 School Outreach Contest with a photo of her presentation to bilingual students at the Instituto de Educación Secundaria Cuenca del Nalón in Asturias, Spain. Molly’s memorable moment: “At the end of the class, one student confessed that he was now thinking of becoming…

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2014 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Jenny Stillo

The 2014 School Outreach Contest winner was Jenny Stillo, a Spanish interpreter and translator based in Crested Butte, Colorado. Jenny took an interactive approach in her presentation including reenactments of real-life scenarios and a competitive game of Family Feud. Jenny is passionate about showing students the importance of bridging cultures and languages. “We need to…

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2013 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: María Elena Gaborov

A photo taken during a presentation at the University of North Carolina (UNC) won the 2013 ATA School Outreach Contest. María Elena Gaborov said that while she entered the contest wanting to win a free ATA Conference registration, the experience itself was more than worth her time. Her 20-minute talk stretched to 90 minutes as…

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The ABCs of School Outreach

Get tips on what to say and how to say it, sample presentations you can customize, handouts for teachers, and an "extra credit" section with ideas to go beyond the classroom.

Getting the Gig

Where do I start? These steps are a good way to begin.

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Making the Grade

For each grade level, you’ll find scripts, slides, handouts, and exercises for making it fun and interactive.

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ATA-Certified Translators Earn CEPs

Earn 1 CEPs for each 1-hour presentation, up to 10 CEPs for each reporting period. Refer to Category E: Volunteerism. You may combine the total minutes of several presentations to reach the 1-hour mark, and no advance approval is required.