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Certified, Notarized, and Apostilled Translations in the U.S.

November 7, 2023 / 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

Unravel the intricacies of certified, notarized, and apostilled translations in the U.S. during this webinar, where expert legal translators, who are also notaries public, share invaluable insights on handling official documents with precision and professionalism.

The easiest work to find as a freelance translator is probably official documents: birth and death certificates, marriage and divorce records, college transcripts and diplomas, etc. Whether you handle these individual requests yourself or refer them to a colleague, you will soon be asked about certifications, notarizations, and apostilles. How does a notary public in the U.S. compare to a notaire, 公 证员, tabelião, notario, or нотариус? What do U.S. notaries do with various kinds of documents? Can they notarize official records like birth certificates? Can they notarize documents in languages they don’t understand? What is an apostille, at the state and federal levels, and how do you get one? What’s the difference between an apostille and an authentication? What kinds of translations need certification, notarization, and apostilles? Can the same person sign as both translator and notary? Can a spouse or family member of the translator sign as notary? If you prepare certified translations regularly, is it worth becoming a notary public? What common errors will keep your certified translation from being notarized or apostilled?

Unlock a world of opportunities as a freelance translator by mastering the art of official document translation while demystifying certifications, notarizations, and apostilles in the U.S. legal context. The presenters, both experienced legal translators who are also certified notaries public, will ensure your translation career reaches new heights with practical expertise.

You will:

  1. Learn how U.S. notaries differ from their international counterparts.
  2. Avoid common mistakes in finalizing translations of official documents.
  3. Quickly add a new specialty to your résumé.

About the Presenters

Presenters Margaret and Marco Hanson are both ATA-certified Spanish to English translators with decades of experience managing thousands of official translations in fifty languages. Margaret, owner of the language services provider Texan Translation, came to translation from a career in bilingual education. Marco, a federally certified court interpreter, teaches college T&I programs. Together, they have trained several hundred fellow language professionals through a series of continuing education webinars and workshops.

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November 7, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST
Event Category:
Presenter(s): Marco Hanson and Margaret Hanson
Duration: 60 minutes
Presenting Language(s): English
Level: All levels

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