Pursuing the Translation Dream: What to Know Before the Phone Rings

By The Savvy Newcomer | July 18, 2017

Have you ever asked yourself if you have what it takes to be a translator? You probably know it takes more than being bilingual,…

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How to Develop Effective Communication Skills to Get and Keep Clients

By The ATA Chronicle | May 1, 2017

Effective communication is both a means to achieve your business goals and the very essence of your business. Have you ever been unsure about…

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Transitioning from Student to Translator

By The ATA Chronicle | March 21, 2017

Here are a few tips to help you navigate the vicious circle of not being able to get work without experience and not being able
to get experience if you can’t
get work.

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ATA Conference Recap

By The Savvy Newcomer | November 21, 2016

By Jamie Hartz It’s been just over two weeks since the 57th Annual American Translators Association Conference ended, and we’re excited to report that…

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Buddies Welcome Newbies at ATA57

By The Savvy Newcomer | October 11, 2016

by Jamie Hartz If you’re a newbie to the American Translators Association, or to translation or interpreting in general, and you’re thinking of attending…

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Multilingual profiles on LinkedIn

By The Savvy Newcomer | July 19, 2016

By Catherine Christaki (@LinguaGreca) LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and is currently the third most popular social network in terms of unique monthly visitors,…

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Tips for Newcomers to the Translation and Interpreting Professions

By The Savvy Newcomer | April 19, 2016

By Corinne McKay Reblogged from the ATA Chronicle (September 2013) with permission from the author If you asked 100 translators or interpreters to describe their…

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How I Got Off to a Fast Start as a Freelance Translator

By The Savvy Newcomer | March 29, 2016

By Linda Kramer After being employed for over ten years, I longed for more freedom in my life. During my maternity leave (which here…

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My Transition from College to Professional Life: A whole new kind of juggling act

By The Savvy Newcomer | December 15, 2015

by Cynthia Eby Just a little under six months ago, on June 13 of this year, I graduated from college at Seattle Pacific University,…

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How (Not) to Be a Professional Translator and 6 Tips to Help You Become One

By The Savvy Newcomer | November 24, 2015

By Alina Cincan Reblogged from Inbox Translation blog with permission from the author A professional translator’s job is not as easy as it looks. A bilingual dictionary,…

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How to Get the Most Out of the Buddies Welcome Newbies Program at the ATA Conference

By The Savvy Newcomer | November 4, 2015

by Helen Eby This post contains some of the information we provide in a presentation for the Buddies Welcome Newbies program we hold the…

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The Savvy Social Media User—Twitter Handle & Sharing Frequency

By The Savvy Newcomer | October 13, 2015

By Catherine Christaki and David Friedman Here at The Savvy Newcomer, we often get questions from our blog readers about social media and blogging.…

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