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ATA Letter to New Mexico AOC

By ATA | February 19, 2024

ATA & NAJIT Support New Mexico Court Interpreters in Their Efforts to Earn Fair Compensation ATA and NAJIT send letter to New Mexico Administrative…

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A Recap of Translators Film: An ATA Roundtable

By ATA | January 25, 2024

The Realities of Child Interpreting and Ways Forward: A Recap of Translators Film: An ATA Roundtable Please note: The views and opinions expressed in…

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ATA Supports Language Access Bill in New Jersey (S2459/A3837)

By ATA | January 10, 2024

On January 3, 2024, two New Jersey State Assembly committees (Assembly State and Local Government Committee and Assembly Appropriations Committee) considered S2459/A3837, a bill…

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ATA and NAJIT Issue Joint Letter of Support for Minnesota Court Interpreters

By ATA | January 10, 2024

The American Translators Association (ATA) and the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT) have issued a joint letter in support of court interpreters…

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ATA Statement on Artificial Intelligence

By ATA | November 8, 2023

The following statement on artificial intelligence was drafted by ATA’s Strategy Committee and reviewed and approved by ATA’s Board of Directors.  ATA believes it…

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School Outreach Winner

2023 School Outreach Contest Winner: Fatima Cornwall

By ATA | October 27, 2023

The winner of ATA’s 2023 School Outreach Contest is Fatima Cornwall, School Outreach Contest By sharing your story and photo, you could win a…

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Celebrate International Translation Day 2023

By Trenton Morgan | September 29, 2023

We’re Celebrating You! International Translation Day (ITD) is a yearly celebration on September 30th that recognizes language professionals and the necessary, often life-changing, work…

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ATA Advocacy Update – Landmark Remote Interpreting Case: The State v. Juracan-Juracan

By ATA | August 25, 2023

In April, ATA joined forces with the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of New…

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ATA Sends Letter Opposing AB 1032 to California Senate Appropriations Committee

By ATA | August 24, 2023

On Thursday, August 3, 2023, ATA President Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo sent a letter to the California Senate Appropriations Committee on behalf of the ATA…

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ATA Proposes Novel Idea to Help South Carolina Court Interpreters Earn Fair Compensation

By ATA | August 18, 2023

When an ATA member contacted the Advocacy Committee in February 2023 to tell us that court interpreters in South Carolina hadn’t received any raises…

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ATA Advocacy at Work: Bill Threatening to Weaken Court Interpreting Standards Derailed

By ATA | August 7, 2023

Over the summer, ATA has been working hard to protect the rights of court interpreters in California. Earlier this year, the California Assembly introduced…

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ATA Action Alert

ATA Opposes AB 432

By ATA | July 19, 2023

Updated Action Alert for ATA members in California Thank you to all of you who have already contacted your legislators. A lot has happened…

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